Assosa University

Assosa University organized Farmers Field day

The farmers field day organized on November 20/12 E.C so at to visit and share experience from farmers who have engaged in wheat seed multiplication at Mao and Komo special word in Beneshangul Gumuze Regional state on this field day program the regional agriculture Bureau experts, Assosa Agriculture research Canter experts, ASU higher official and researchers, Agriculture and Natural Resource management College selected students participate

Mao and Komo special word area agrology is preferable for wheat production. Therefore, Researcher Frehiwot Deresegn a teacher in Plant Science department selected this area for the purpose of wheat seed multiplication on Voluntary farmers whose farm is cluster or close to each other  Those farmers had been given many  trainings how to plough the land , manage the plant and cultivate since they registered by the researcher. In addition to this the researcher helped technical support by following up continuously.

The university had organized 3 times the same program before this year, from those three field days the farmers shared experiences and award of about modern agriculture benefit.

In This year the university also provided good/quality/seed and technical support for 17 farmers in Mao Komo to produce efficient wheat product. Next to this the university organized this farmer’s field day. On the field, day while the farmers express their idea we had produce only 3 Kuntal per hectar before the used this modern agriculture/technology only/. But Know we produce 30 kuntal per hectar , they said , relating to this they appreciated and thanked Assosa university providing aske such help for them.

 Lastly, the university president Dr, Kemal  Abdurahim and Regional Agriculture Bureau Vice Leader Mr. Tsehaye Adamu, because of modern agriculture or technology absence we are Living in poverty . We have adequate land source if we use technology and modern agriculture system. Our region can feed the whale Ethiopia, they said at field day discussion.

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