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Academics/Business and Economics

Abraham Abebe Assefa (Ph.D)

        Dean for College of Business and Economics

College of Business and Economics

Welcome to the College of Business and Economics at Assosa University, where academic excellence meets real-world impact. Our college is dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment that empowers students to thrive in the rapidly evolving fields of business, economics, and public administration.

Undergraduate Programs:

  1. BA in Management: Our management program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage organizations effectively. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students develop a deep understanding of organizational behavior, strategic planning, operations management, leadership, and fundamentals of managerial accounting, and economics concepts.
  2. BA in Public Administration and Development Management (PADM): Explore the intricacies of public service and development with our PADM program. Students gain insights into public policy, livelihood, development management, governance, and sustainable development, preparing them for impactful roles in the public sector.
  3. BA in Accounting and Finance: The Accounting and Finance program offers a solid foundation in financial management, accounting principles, and investment strategies. Graduates are well-prepared for careers in finance, auditing, and corporate accounting based on international financial reporting standard (IFRS).
  4. BA in Economics: Delve into the fundamental principles that shape economies with our Economics program. Students gain analytical and quantitative skills, preparing them to understand and address complex micro and macro-economic challenges for sustainable development.
  5. BA in Tourism and Hotel Management: Our Tourism and Hotel Management program combines business acumen with a focus on the hospitality industry. Students learn the ins and outs of tourism management, hotel operations, and customer service, preparing them for dynamic careers in the thriving hospitality sector.

Post-Graduate Programs:

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA): Elevate your leadership skills with our MBA program. Designed for professionals seeking advanced business knowledge, the MBA program emphasizes strategic thinking, entrepreneurship, and effective decision-making.
  2. MA in Project Management (MAPM): Specialize in project management with our MA program. Learn to plan, execute, and oversee projects successfully, gaining the expertise needed to lead diverse industries and development projects.
  3. MSc in Accounting and Finance: Our MSc program in Accounting and Finance offers advanced education in financial management, auditing, and accounting practices. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles in finance and accounting.
  4. MA in Public Administration: Address complex challenges in public administration, with our MA program graduates will gain the skills needed for effective governance and sustainable development.
  5. MSc in Development Economics: Explore the intersection of economics and development with our MSc program. Equip yourself with the tools to analyze economic development strategies and contribute to sustainable growth.

At the College of Business and Economics, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. Join us on a transformative educational journey that prepares you for success in the global marketplace.

      Institutional Email

  1. Abraham Abebe (PhD,Assistant Professor)

Position: Dean


  1. Mohamed Ahmed (Lecturer)

Position: Head, Accounting and Finance Department  


  1. Alelign Takele (Lecturer)

Position: Head, Tourism and Hotel Management Department.        


  1. Terefe Admaw(Lecturer)

Position: Head, Economics Department.       


  1. Meketaw Kegne (Lecturer)

Position: Head, Management Department.    

  1. Yirga Goraw (Lecturer)

Position: Head, Public Administration and Development Management Department