Assosa University

Academics/Natural&computational science

Tadele Daniel Mekuria (Ph.D, Materials Science and Engineering)

Dean for College of Natural and Computational Sciences

Welcome to Assosa University College of Natural and Computational Sciences

The seven departments that make up the College of Natural and Computational Sciences offer master’s degrees in three majors (Zoological Science, Football Coaching, and Environmental Science) as well as bachelor’s degrees in seven majors (BSc. in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science, and Statistics). The College of Natural and Computational Sciences offers programs that can help you get ready for careers in teaching, graduate or professional school, or employment in the public or commercial sector that deal with science and the environment. The subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, are becoming more and more significant in our society. In addition to training the next generation of scientists, the institution aims to produce science-literate citizens who can make wise judgments in everyday life. Professionals from the college successfully change the world. Students at this college are challenged to think critically, analytically, and creatively while receiving a broad-based, foundational education in the scientific sciences.

The departments are well-equipped with scientific equipment and computers, ensuring that students leave our programs with cutting-edge knowledge. The dedication of the staffs in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science, and Statistics to giving majors an exceptional educational experience is demonstrated by the results of the 2023 exit test, which was passed by 58% of the students who took it. Alumni from the college attest to the fact that its graduates are competent for entry into professional and graduate programs, as well as for positions of responsibility in business or government.

We educate the hearts and minds of future scientists, giving them the skills and information necessary to take on challenging issues, consider the moral and ethical ramifications of their work, effectively communicate with large audiences, and make sure that scientific advancements benefit all people, not just a small percentage.

The College of Natural and Computational Sciences offers curricula that expand students’ mental horizons beyond the confines of their immediate career goal by fusing a basic education in science with a broad human outlook. Every curriculum is created with the intention of preparing graduates for particular professional roles in business, government, and education, as well as graduate and professional work within their fields. The four-year program includes enough free electives to enable students to specialize in both the major and closely related subjects in addition to covering the fundamental courses for the major.

The college endeavors to help its staffs and students interact with distinctive research environment to gather the educational benefits from it, and then to make their own contributions to it through research, internships, cooperative education and other training placements, and shared facilities.