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Registrar / Continuing and Distance Education

Continuing and Distance Education

Getachew Wodisha(PhD)

Director, Continuing and Distance Education

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Assosa University aspires being one of top five applied Universities in country by 2022. Hence, the continuing and distance education office is contributing a lot to achieve the vision of the university by providing quality of education for the societies. For time being, the continuing and distance education office delivering in two modalities: weekend and summer programs at three stations such as Assosa town, Mendi town (western Oromia) and Gilgel bless town (Metekel zone) in undergraduate and postgraduate e programs. The Assosa CDEP office is also extensively working to launch distance education in Assosa, Kemashi and Metekel Zones.

Continuing and distance education is beneficial to learners, families, employers/workplace, and governments as it provides the most affordable and flexible opportunities. It is more than ever clear that continuing and distance learning will be an important element of future education and training systems. It is approaching acceptance within mainstream education and training in such a way that it will make up part of the repertoire of most educational institutions in the future. Continuing distance learning is a powerful option for students who wish to study and learn in their own time, pace and place.

Lastly but not list, I would like to appreciate the University’s higher officials, college deans, department heads CDEP coordinators for their all rounded contributions and achievements made thus far. And kindly request you all to join hands for making more remarkable achievements in the years ahead in keeping the iconic image of the University high up!

Director , Continuing and Distance Education Office

Assosa University, Ethiopia


Office Phone: +251578875023

– Getachew Wodisha(Ph.D)