Assosa University

President Offices / Internal Audit

The responsibility of the of internal audit Offices
  1. Respect the internal audit standards of government of Ethiopia including the code of ethics
  2. Supervise and lead the internal audit unit
  3. Monitor counsel and advise internal audit staff
  4. Consult with the management of the public body on internal audit and internal control
  5. Advise and approve audit topics proposed by internal auditors
  6. Propose internal audit topics and summary programs to management
  7. Consult with internal auditors on audit programs field work and draft audit findings
  8. Advise on and approve the audit reports of internal auditors and ensures that for each audit carried aut there is a final audit report
  9. Provide quality control on all aspects of internal auditing
  10. Report audit findings to management and monitor management’s follow up of findings
  11. Respond to the enquiries and request for information of external auditors and send copy of responses given to management