Assosa University

Assosa University has made press release (January 08/2012 E.C)

The objective of the press release was to briefing the current situation of the universities teaching learning process to the internal and external users of the information regarding the activities of the university. The university president Dr. Kemal Abdurahim has stated that the university has worked a lot to maintain the peaceful learning and teaching process in the university through collaborative with the concerned bodies. He mentioned that the first semester calendar for final exam is already scheduled from January 13-21 2012 E.C for senior students and from January 26- Feb 3 for freshman students. After one week break the second semester schedule will undergo for all students. the peaceful teaching learning process was due to effective discussion with the community around the university.
On the press release he added that there is confusion on some part of the student that the university will be closed due to national election but this is completely wrong idea. So, the second semester will be going on as per the calendars set by the university senate.

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