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School of Law
Kidane Deyasa (MSc)
Dean, School of Law

Welcome To Assosa University School of Law! First and foremost, we are excited to see you visiting our website. Our school is the only and the youngest emerging school found at the home Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam/GERD/, BenishangulGumuz Regional State of Ethiopia. Though the youngest, being the only one allowed it to be impactful in the region via its free legal aid service and legal conscious enlightenment. Besides producing young lawyers in a regular undergraduate degree program, we are striving to help the transformation of the justice sector of the region by opening opportunities to learn in a summer degree program for legal actors working in the region; by giving at work short training and hosting legal research conferences and symposia. We do have young and energetic students who have fascinating provocation for legal education and extracurricular activities. Despite actual classroom learning, our students have an opportunity to participate in legal debates, moot court competitions, and legal clinics services. These helped us in winning the 2021 national moot court competition hosted by Dire Dawa University. By the way, our school is the only third-generation university to win the written phase of the 5th National Moot Court Competition held at Dire Dawa University. We feel proud of our students and staff! The current school of law staff composition is the best one with diversity in specialization, academic rank, gender, and experiences. All our staffs are full-time who actively engaged in various legal research and community services in parallel with teaching law. Moreover, this website introduces you to the many ways you can work and interact with the School of Law. Nowhere will you find a richer or deeper set of opportunities to explore and act on issues that matter. Our work covers an incredible range of legal and policy issues in human rights, constitutional law, environmental law, corporate governance, criminal justice — and more. Last but not least, I encourage you to spend some time getting to know Assosa University School of Law and all that it offers. All best regards,

Interim Dean and Lecturer of Law

Assosa University School of Law

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A Brief Background of School of Law

Assosa University School of Law has been developed to “school” nomenclature in 2016. Before this time, it was part of the college of social science and humanities as a department of law. The Department of Law was officially established by the decision of the University Senate in 2014 and subsequently developed to the School of Law in 2016. The School of Law is established with the three core missions of higher educations which are teaching-learning, research, and community services. In the teaching-learning aspect, the school has produced knowledgeable, skillful, and attitudinally to the standard adequate legal professionals who will be prepared to serve their community and transform the judicial and law enforcement system of the nation. Intensive and extensive engagement in legal research and community services are also the typical missions of the School. Within this momentary period, the School has contributed a lot to the justice sector of the nation. The School has delivered short-term training and legal awareness to a mass of legal professionals in the judicial sector of the region. The School has also served the community via its free legal aid service in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations. Currently, the School is educating more than 500 LLB students in regular and non-regular programs. Owing to the overwhelming demand from learners and justice sectors of the nation the School is about to horizontally expand the LLB program in the weekend and vertically about to launch the LLM program in Water and Environmental Laws. The School is delivering free legal aid services extensively in all three zones of the region. We are expanding free legal aid services as part of our responsibility to help the government’s effort to ensure access to justice and more closely our university objective of serving the community. Thus, the School is committed to working as a hand and glove with governmental and non-governmental organizations for the minimization of the thirst for access to justice for the vulnerable sections of society.


To become the leading academic program of Assosa University by 2022


By delivering national justice sector demand-driven quality legal education producing knowledgeable, skillful, attitudinally and ethically to the standard legal professionals; and conducting problem-solving legal research and community services starting from legislative drafting, interpretation to enforcement of laws and serving as a center for national justice army building.

Organizational Structure

Under the auspices of Assosa University’s organizational structure, the School is accountable to the Vice Presidents of the University. Directed by Dean, the highest academic and research decision-making organ at the School level is the Academic Commission/AC/. Most of the activities of the School are accomplished by the various coordinators of the School in close consultation and supervision by the Dean. These are Academic Quality Assurance Coordinator, Research and Technology Linkage Coordinator, Continuing and Distance Education Coordinator, Registrar Coordinator; Gender Affairs Coordinator, and Community Services Coordinator.