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Tadesse Amare(Ass. Prof)

Dean, School of Gradute Studies

Dear internal and external community welcome to Assosa University

Dean Message

Assosa University is one of the third generation Ethiopian government universities which started normal teaching learning activity by the yearof 2011. Since then it is expanding programs in under and postgraduate level.

The University has been established with the objective to produce qualified and dedicated manpower that the country needs. With this notion, Assosa University inaugurated Post Graduate Program in 2015 intwo departments namely masters of business administration (MBA) and MSc in Development Economics with 60 students.

As it is articulated in its vision statement, Assosa University aspires to be one of the five well known applied universities in Ethiopia by the year of 2030. School of Graduate Studies is believed to contribute a lot for better achievement of the university’s vision by making the graduate training well integrated with research and community service. School of Graduate Studies is an academic body that oversees all academic activities related to graduate studies in academic departments/schools/colleges/institutions. On top of creating educational opportunities for diverse group of the society, offering graduate programs in various modalities is also hoped to generate internal revenue in order to support government budget and make the university competitive in today’s changing environment.

Currently, the University has thirteenactivePost Graduate Programs in different field of specializations Such as Development Economics, matters of business administration (MBA), Animal Production, Plant Protection , Zoological science(biology) , Information Technology , Accounting &Finance, Public Administration , Football coaching, Geography & Environmental Studies Specialization in: Sustainable Natural Resource & Environmental Management and Urban and Regional Development Planning,Teaching English as a Foreign language(TEFL)andAgronomy.

Moreover, the School of Graduate Studies has other Post Graduate programs on process to be launched in the near future:

1.MSC in environmental science

2. M.A in Project management

3. MSC in Plant biology & biodiversity management

4. MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering

5. MSc in Hydraulics Engineering

6. MSC in soil Science

7. MSC in veterinary public health

8. MSC in Animal genetics & breeding

9. MSC in teaching sport science

10. MSc in Analytical Chemistry

11. MSc Health informatics /or in information science or Data science

Generally, Assosa University School of Graduate Studies handle three Branches, Assosa, Mendi and Gilgel Beles and has more than700 graduate students including2021/22 academic year entries.

I strongly believed that launching demand driven postgraduate program highly contributes in filling the professional gap that exists in the area and strengthen the engagement of academic staffs and the university in many academic issues.

As school of graduate studies dean, I would like to well-come any interested stakeholders to work in collaborative with Assosa University School of graduate studies for the realizing of the mission of the university and best contribution to the community.

Dean,School of Graduate Studies

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