Assosa University successfully hosted the 3rd Annual in house research conference

The conference was organized from March 6-7/2020; and different stockholders, teachers, directors and selected students participated. For the last two years , the university had hosted two annually in house research conference with different grand themes. From those conferences many experiences shared among the researchers and genuine research ideas were inculcated on the researchers. Likewise, in this year the university organized in house research conference with the grand theme of “Integrating Research with Industries for Improving the Livelihood of the community”. Like the previous in house research conference, thise year in house research conference main objective also to share experiences and evaluating research activities before present on the National conference. On this conference the university president Dr.kemal Abdurahim convinced his message on the opening remarks by saying research is a very important component of higher institution which they rely on to bring meaningful impact to the community they are meant to serve .The research out comes should be addressed to the concerned bodies if it needs to be used by the community. Hence, in house conference is such a great platform to share and disseminate the outcomes of researches. As well as, the research and community service vice president Dr.Haimanot Disassa said well come for the participants on his well come speech. Next to this the university research progress report presented by Mr. Adamu JIbat. Some of the challenges that included in the report are: turn over the researchers, limited budget, lack of collaboration across the colleges and lack of infrastructures mentioned as hinders to do more problem solver research for the community.similarly, Dr. Haimanot presented a short presentation which shows the importance of integrating research with industries to change the livelihood of the community. After this discussion, 32 selected papers were presented in line with their colleges. The papers are from different area of study and 10 of them will be presented for the National conference. On the last discussion, participants agreed that to bring changes in the society life integrating research with industries and collaborative research work is necessary.Unless,if we do not do integrate with industries the life of the community never change they said.


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