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Getaneh Gebeyehu (PhD)

Dean, College of Natural and Computational Science

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Assosa University is one of the third generation public universities in Ethiopia. When the Assosa University started teaching learning process in 2011 G.C., Natural and Computation Sciences was one of among five faculties. As the University started teaching learning process in Benishangul Gumuz region, a faculty had only five departments, namely, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sport Science and Mathematics.During this time, all departments enrolled students and offering three years B.Sc. Degree programs. Two years later, the faculty was expanding its program and launching department of geology and offering four years B.Sc. degree program. In 2014 G.C., the faculty also launched department of statistics.In 2015 G.C., the University reorganized the structure of faculty and advanced to college of natural and computational sciences. Currently, the college possesses seven departments,a STEM Center and two postgraduate programs, namely,Zoological Science and Football Coaching in sport science. Nowadays, the college is also processing to launch two MSc. Degree programs in Environmental Science and Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management. The college has also planned to expand its undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the near future.

The college has a total of 104 teaching staffon duty of which educational qualification of them have 10 PhD holders, 90 MSc. Degree, and Four BSc. Degree. Moreover, it has 33 teaching staff on study leave, 16 for PhD and 17 for MSc. Degree. There are also 21 laboratory technical assistants 16 of them having at BSc. and two MSc. Degree in their fields, and 12 administrative staff.In addition to human resources, the college owns moderately established laboratories in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology Departments. Department of sport science also possesses gymnastics room used for practical work. All departments have also their own computer laboratories used for teaching and research works. The STEM Center possesses its own electronics and computer laboratories used for creativity activities for talent students in the high schools.

There are 1757 undergraduate students’ attending in regular, summer and weekend programs and 21 MSc. students in regular and summer programs coming from different parts of the country.


•Strives to advance knowledge, skill and aptitude both in the undergraduate and postgraduatestudiesproviding quality education, research and community services.


• To be the firstamong colleges in the University by 2030.

Center of Excellency

• Geology and Mining

Focus areas

The rich natural sources like gold and marble in the surrounding areas of the region become the focus area for various studies in the geology field.Therefore, the college invitesstudents and researchers as well as organizations to join and advance education, research and outreach programs for improving the livelihood on the society.

Dean , College of Natural and Computational Science
Email: getanehgebeyehu@yahoo.com

Getaneh Gebeyehu (PhD)